Quality Assurance

Sample quality control is critical for all primary biomaterials and their analytes. A combination of analytical quality control (concern, purity, contaminant detection, volume) and functional quality control (sample performance prediction, molecular fingerprinting) provides anyone using UB Biorepository materials the confidence that all analytical data will be of high quality and be derived from the correct sample.

• Lunatic

The Lunatic provides analytical Quality Control of DNA, RNA, and plasma. Cuvetteless spectroscopy gives results comparable to picogreen assays (due to contaminant profiling) in a fraction of the time. Also, it provides contamination profiles to show any type of impurities within the samples.

• Agilent Tape Station

Functional quality control for nucleic acid which determines fragment length using automated gel electrophoresis.

• Fluidigm BioMark

Molecular fingerprinting of DNA is performed on the the Biomark™ HD system. DNA samples derived from human biomaterials or banked at the biorepository are analyzed on this equipment and compared to all other DNA samples to both check sample quality and check for cross contamination. Functional quality is also confirmed using the SNPTrace panel, which interrogates regions known to affect sample quality in downstream analyses.

• BioMicrolab Volume Check

Non-contact volume measurement that eliminates the potential for sample contamination and is accurate down to several ul. Checks volume of an entire plate at one time.