Environment Monitoring & Storage

Environmental monitoring of all mechanical and LN2 storage environments is a mission critical activity from an operational and regulatory standpoint. All environmental conditions are monitored in several areas of each freezer continuously and the recorded data are utilized to ensure the quality of every sample no matter where it is being stored. This data can also be used to help predict freezer failure and prevent any catastrophic events.

Rees Environmental Monitoring System

Environmental monitoring system tracks all cold storage, room temperature, lab humidity 24/7/365. Phone and email trees are in place for when variances occur.

• Panasonic Freezers

All –80 C Panasonic freezers storage are on back up power with supplemental HVAC to ensure proper environment for freezer compressors.

• Control Rate Freezer

The control rate freezer provides accurate and robust cryopreservation of all samples being processed for mechanistic or functional analyses.

• Brooks Automation BioStore Cryo III

Automated cryostorage enables inventory management. This system provides temperature maintenance of racks in tower while pulling samples.

• Cryopods/Filling Station

Cryopods are utilized to maintain -155 C for collections directly from the collection site (ie. operating suites) as well as utilized to transport specimens and maintain cold chain. Temperatures throughout the process are monitored and tracked.